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    UB & University of Wisconsin-Madison Training Tutorial - Secure Programming Practices & Software Assurance Tools

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

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    UB & University of Wisconsin-Madison Training Tutorial - Secure Programming Practices & Software Assurance Tools
    The University of Botswana Department of Computer Science  in Partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison - and supported by the UBCS University Industry Government Cocreation Platform and The Resilience Project is running a Secure Programming and Programming Practices and Software Assurance Tools  on the 17th - 19th April 2023.


    Security is crucial to the software that we develop and use. With the incredible growth of software in every phase of our lives, security is becoming even more critical.

    Securing your network is not enough. Every service that you deploy is a window into your data center from the outside world, and a window that could be exploited by an attacker.

    This tutorial is relevant to anyone wanting to learn about minimizing security flaws in the software they develop or manage. The presenters will share their experiences gained from performing vulnerability assessments of critical software. You will learn skills essential for software developers and analysts concerned with security.

    You will first learn to think like an attacker, then learn about several different coding practices that can introduce vulnerabilities into your code, and then learn how to avoid those vulnerabilities.  For most of these vulnerabilities, you will get practical experience throughout our hands-on exercises.

    Then you will learn about software assurance tools – tools that scan the source or binary code of a program to find weaknesses. These tools are the first line of defense in assessing the security of a software project. They can catch flaws in a program that affect both the correctness and safety of the code.

    You will also learn about dependency analysis tools – tools that find weaknesses in the software supply chain These tools can know flaws in the packages and libraries on which your program depends, and which might affect the safety of the program

    Venue: Computer Science Department , Block 247, Network Lab ( Lab 298), University of Botswana
    Date:   17th - 19th April 2023
    Time: 0900 - 1630hrs

    Arrangement: Bring your own Laptop with Virtual Box installed. A virtual machine image (.ova file) will be provided before the tutorial. 


    Prof. Barton P. Miller, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Prof. Elisa Heymann, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    * Closing Date: 10th April 2023 @ 17:00


    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -


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    RedHat System Admin Course

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

    ****FREE TO STUDENTS****

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    First create a RedHat ID(Use your UB student email account).Instructions on how to create your Redhat ID are in the attached RHALP student user guide.pdf file.

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