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    EC-Council | Invites Students for a Free Webinar on Ethical Hacking on June 2nd

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

          ***FREE Ethical Hacking webinar*****

    “The cybersecurity global talent shortage requires over 3.5 million Cyber specialists to fill the skill gap”, this webinar gives a FREE sneak peek introducing students to methods of hiding information, Steganography and OWASP Top 10 attacks including attacking databases using SQL injection and gaining system level access to networks and, much more!

    Trainer Name: Eric Reed;

    Date: Friday, June 02, 2023; 

    Duration:  3 Hours  

    Time: 2:30 pm Saudi | 03:30 pm UAE | 5:00 pm India | 12:30 pm West Africa Time

    Registration Link:

    Along with great exposure students will get an electronic certificate of attendance for attending this webinar.

    RedHat System Admin Course

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

    ****FREE TO STUDENTS****

    register for a RedHat System Admin Course.

    First create a RedHat ID(Use your UB student email account).Instructions on how to create your Redhat ID are in the attached RHALP student user guide.pdf file.

    Then add your registration information in the Google Form below: