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    RHA Talent Network Promotion: Students receive free Preliminary exam

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

    RHA Talent Network Promotion: Students receive free Preliminary exam upon completing their profile

    Requirements and prerequisites

    • Must have been enrolled as a student in the Red Hat Academy program
    • Completed at least 25% of the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) course through Red Hat Academy between September 1st, 2020 through October31st, 2022
    • Must have a completed student profile on the Red Hat Academy Talent Network, after October 24th, 2022
    • Review the Red Hat Preliminary Exam in System Administration I (PE124) objectives


    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -


    All those who will be doing their final year project next semester are

    required to register their details at the link below. You are also

    encouraged to contact your preferred supervisor. If you do not indicate

    on the registration form who you would like as a supervisor, one will be

    appointed to you.

    Registration Link:


    Red Hat® Academy (RHA) Talent Network-Connecting Students with career opportunities...

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

    93% of hiring managers report difficulty finding talent with open source skills*

    Red Hat® Academy (RHA) offers partners the chance to connect their students to the Red Hat industry through the Red Hat Academy Talent Network.

    Red Hat Academy Talent Network is a portal for students to have direct access to job opportunities emerging from the extensive Red Hat ecosystem of partners and customers around the world.

    After students register in the portal they will be able to:
    • Find job roles that meet their needs,
    • Connect & chat with employers seeking open source talent, 
    • Select the preferred way to access industry (intern, graduate, part time/full time),
    • Prepare to join the tech workforce.

    Red Hat Academy provides IT training based on the current open source demands of the job market so that your students become more marketable. With Red Hat Academy Talent Network we provide visibility of students being trained in Red Hat technologies to have higher employment chances.

    Your students will have to follow the 3 easy steps below to access the portal:
    1. Login to RHA Talent Network with the same Red Hat user you have to access your RHA training.
    1. Create a profile based on your skills.

    1. Upload your CV.

    We need your support to spread the word in the university and among your students. 
     These are some resources you can use to inform your students about the Red Hat Academy Talent Network portal.

     Tap into our network and accelerate your student´ s career!

    RedHat System Admin Course

    by Molwantwa Raditsebe -

    ****FREE TO STUDENTS****

    register for a RedHat System Admin Course.

    First create a RedHat ID(Use your UB student email account).Instructions on how to create your Redhat ID are in the attached RHALP student user guide.pdf file.

    Then add your registration information in the Google Form below: