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Ref Author ( First) Title 
1 Addison Tom Striving for IS III project excellence, the views of graduates. 
2 Alexander P. M What do we achieve by making honours students write research papers?
3 Anderson George G. Experience with Porting a Benchmark Suite to QNX
4 Anderson George  G. Usage of a WebCT-based Course in the University of Botswana: A Case Study from GEC121
5 Anniroot, J Using Self-Organizing Maps to Analyze First Year IT Results in Relation to the Student’s Matriculation Results
6 Averweg Udo Richard  Impact of intranets on executive information systems implementation in organisations in Kwazulu-Natal
7 Averweg Udo Richard ICT considerations for business organisations’ information needs in a metropolitan municipality in South Africa
8 Awuah E. B. Routing Model for Computer Network
9 Benvenuti Susan Academic Literacy in Information Systems Students
10 Blewett C. Towards identifying predictors of student performance in learning computer programming at a South African University
11 Chikasha Samuel Some human factor issues in an e-learning enabled tertiary institution
12 Dehinbo Johnson O. Performance of web-based 2-tier middleware platforms
13 Dempster Rob UNIX 4U2: Why I use Linux on my desktop
14 Dimas S The importance of teaching creativity and innovation to first year systems design students
15 Dlodlo Joseph Bhekizwe Intelligent Agent  Driven E-Learning Content Delivery In 3G Networks.
16 Eyitayo A. O. Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Program Design: a Pedagogical Approach
17 G. Mosweunyane, Using VLANS To Revolutionalize The Organizational Structure
18 Giannini-Gachago Daniela Factors influencing students’ perception of elearning in undergraduate basic level computer course at the University of Botswana
19 Goosen Leila Roller coaster riding: highs and lows of understanding OO
20 Gopolang, B. Influence Of Local Area Network Technology Advances In Local Area Network Design
21 Halland Ken Academic performance of postgraduate assistants
22 Heerden D van Closing the distance when teaching a programming language
23 Jean-Paul Van Belle A Community Outreach Programme for Information Systems Students at the University of Cape Town
24 Jolliffe Bob Software patents in the context of Southern African countries
25 Kritzinger E. Implementing Information Security Management through Five Non-Technical Pillars
26 Leonard AC IT Service Delivery and Service Support In South African Universities: The Characteristics And Pitfalls Of A Generic Approach
27 Main-Baillie Lara Changing the dynamics of group work: the survivor twist case study at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg campus
28 Mapoka, Keneilwe Staff views on the use of WebCT in teaching a computer literacy course: a case study of the University of Botswana.
29 Merwe, Alta van der Selecting a Qualitative Research Approach for Information Systems Research
30 Merwe, Willem P. van der Reconsidering the relevance of IS curricula for Southern Africa
31 Mogothlwane O Empirical computing costs in a computing training environment
32 Moswetsi W. Assessing the perception of undergraduate students of the South African military academy towards and the value of ICT/Computers
33 Motlogelwa Nkwebi P. Dynamic Load Balancing techniques on Heterogeneous Network of Workstations: A survey
34 Naidoo. D ICT and the Digital Divide at the University of Limpopo: so what’s happening?
35 Naude Elsa Students Cheating in Assignments: How does this affect Examination Results?
38 Norman H. Buller Towards Developing and Applying a First Year Information Systems Curriculum on a Multi-Campus University
39 Nyongesa,H. Okola Models for Optimisation of the Effectiveness of Information Retrieval Systems.
40 Ojo S. O. Key Issues emerging from the Computing Curricula Development trends and Issues for University Computing Curricula Provision.
41 Padayachee K The next challenge: Aspect-Oriented Programming
42 Pieterse Vreda  Factors to consider when forming Software Engineering teams in a final year module
43 Ponelis, S. R. Improving information systems students’ understanding of business processes
44 ROUX GYS LE  A Project Web Site – Using WebCT to facilitate peer review in IS teaching
45 Sackstein Suzanne Methods for evaluating Interface Designs within an undergraduate systems development project
46 Shrivastava Manish The next Generation Web Technologies and their Impact on e- learning
47 Singh Shawren  My marriage to cousin Lily
48 Soganile Ndabezinhle  The impact of ICT in Community based Learning
49 Spark Linda Matric maths as a predictor of success in Information Systems – a study of Information Systems students at the University of the Witwatersrand
50 Totev D.M. S-BASICÓ  in  Education
51 van Zijl, Lynette The Development of a  Plagiarism Detection System
52 Velempini Mthulisi Local security, user and network access policies a cost effective way to securing a computer system.
53 Velempini Mthulisi Integrity, confidentiality and security of data and information in a networked environment, a challenge to all educational Institutions in maintaining their integrity.
54 Venter L. M.  Word processing meets Typography

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