Conference Program

UB CS University of Botswana, Computer Science Department
BIUST Botswana International University of Science and Technology
BIH Botswana Innovation Hub
BOFINET Botswana Fibre Networks
BOCRA Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority
UJ University Of Johannesburg
MTC Ministry of Transport & Communications
MIST Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology
SADC Southern African Development Community
CSB Computer Society of Botswana
HPC High Performance Computing
SEI Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
MITRE MITRE Corporation
SAICSIT South Africa Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists

Registration Day
1600hrs - 1800hrs Registration Serondela Lobby
1900hrs – 2100hrs Cocktail Reception Serondela

Day One

0700hrs - 0820hrs Registration
0830hrs - 1000hrs Opening Ceremony - Venue Tsodilo C
1000hrs - 1030hrs
COFFEE BREAK - Venue Pre Assembly GICC

Chair: Dr E.U. Okike

1030hrs - 1115hrs

Conference Keynote

Venue: Tsodilo C

Thomas Dukes
1115hrs - 1145hrs

Regional Perspective on Cybersecurity

Venue: Tsodilo C

Guest Speaker: Dr. George Patrick Ah-Thew, SADC Secretariat Directorate of Infrastrucuture and Services.
1145hrs - 1215hrs

Intelligent Systems: Does Data Quality Really matter?

Venue: Tsodilo C

Conference Keynote Speaker: Professor B. Twala, University of Johannesburg
1215hrs - 1315hrs
LUNCH BREAK - Mokolwane Bistro
1315hrs - 1600hrs - Parallel Sessions

Paper Presentations


Information systems


Chair: Dr. G. Mosweunyane


Venue: Serondela 1&2

Cybersecurity Workshop - Governance and Policy


  • Cybersecurity Conventions

Chair: MTC


Facilitator: MTC


Venue: Tsodilo C


Cybersecurity Workshop - Awareness and Capacity Building


Chair: Maureen van den Berg


Facilitator: UB(CS)


Venue: Okavango


Cybersecurity Workshop - Technical & Services

  • Protection Structures (CERTs)


Chair: SEI


Facilitator: SEI


Venue: Serondela 3&4


1600hrs - 2200hrs
Social Event - Mokolodi Reserve game drive and bush braai - Venue - Mokolodi

Morning Session Chair: Dr B. Gatsheni

0800hrs - 0845hrs

Keynote Speaker - Professor Thomas Sterling - Indiana University

Venue: Tsodilo C

0845hrs - 1015hrs

Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) Panel Discussion


How important is the Internet in driving innovation? What can be done to make the Internet more affordable and accessible while also addressing developments in cybersecurity?

Venue: Tsodilo C
1015hrs - 1030hrs
COFFEE BREAK - Venue - Pre Assembly GICC
1030hrs - 1300hrs - Parallel Sessions

Paper Presentations


Chair: Dr. O.T. Eyitayo


Venue: Serondela 1& 2

HPC, Data Cyber-Infrastructure & Open Data Workshop


Chair: Dr T. Motshegwa


Venue: Serondela 3&4


Cybersecurity Workshop - Governance & Policy


  • SADC country reports

Chair: MTC


Venue: Tsodilo C


Panel Discussion


  • Securing critical services
  • Sector Reports



Venue: Tsodilo C


1300hrs - 1400hrs
1400hrs - 1430hrs

Case study: Botswana National Cyber Security Strategy

Presenter: Mr Cecil Masiga

Presenter: MTC

 Plenary Session
1430hrs - 1630hrs

Discussion of Botswana National Cyber Security Strategy



1900hrs - 2200hrs - Dinner - Venue: GICC Grounds
1900hrs - 2200hrs


  • Day Summary - Dr B. Gatsheni, HoD, University of Johannesburg
  • Sponsors
  • Vote of Thanks

    Morning Session Chair: Professor Schroeder, Dean, ICT, BUIST

    0830hrs - 0915hrs

    Keynote - The role of Diversity in Computing from Education to the Workforce

    Venue: Tsodilo C

    Professor Linda Ott, Michigan Technological University
    0915hrs - 0935hrs
    COFFEE BREAK - Venue: Pre Assembly GICC
    0935hrs - 1005hrs

    Child Protection Online


    Chair: Mr Cecil Masiga

    Venue: Tsodilo C

    Chair: MTC

    Plenary Session - Venue: Tsodilo C
    1005hrs - 1205hrs

    Chair: Mr T. Kepaletswe, Deputy CEO, BOCRA

    • Reports from Workshops and Panels

    Presenter(s): Workshop Rapporteurs

    1205hrs - 1305hrs Lunch Break - Mokolwane Bistro
     Plenary Session - Venue: Tsodilo C
    1305hrs - 1405hrs

    Chair and Presenter: MITRE

    • Towards a model of national cybersecurity strategy
    1405hrs - 1420hrs

    Chair: Dr. C. Kereteletswe, eGovernment Coordinator

    • Conclusions & Way Forward on the national cybersecurity strategy
    • Roadmap & Dissemination of outputs
    • Committees
    • Stakeholder engagement

    Venue: Tsodilo C

    Plenary Session - Venue: Tsodilo C
    1430hrs - 1630hrs

    Chair: Mr. Gabriel Rasenyai - Executive Secretary


    Computer Society of Botswana (CSB) launch

    • Welcome Speech - CSB Chair:Dr A. Masizana
    • Guest Speaker: Prof Alta van der Merwe (Chair – South Africa Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT))
    • Guest Speaker- Government
    • Vote of Thanks
    End of Conference

    Conference Starts in


    For information about the conference, including registration, please contact us at:

    • ubcsconferences(@)
    • +267 3554975
    • Block 247, Office 269, University of Botswana