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To all Fulltime MSc Students

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To all Fulltime MSc Students
by Admin User - Wednesday, 18 November 2020, 8:49 AM

IBM is pleased to inform you that registration is now open for IBM Great Minds 2021. The Great Minds initiative is a competition for 3 to 6-month internships at one of the IBM Research Labs in Zurich, Nairobi, or Johannesburg for Master's students from central and eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It provides students with the unique opportunity to work alongside world-class scientists in the leading industrial IT research organization.


Please visit for more information on the program and the projects available. Students are required to submit their CV & Video to their faculty member/lecturer/professor, and the faculty member to submit via email to me -

The program is open to any full-time student enrolled in a Master’s program with a focus on

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Applied Mathematics / Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry /Computational Chemistry
  • Biology /Computational Biology
  • Neuromorphic Computing / Networks


Note that this is a worldwide competition, therefore please submit a strong application to maximize chances of being selected. Please include a recommendation letter should you believe it will improve your chances of being selected.

The applicants for the 2021 Great Minds internships will receive feedback on their application by the end of February 2021.


Those interested should contact their supervisors.