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Fourth Industrial Revolution Questionnaire

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Fourth Industrial Revolution Questionnaire
by Admin User - Friday, 13 March 2020, 2:12 PM



To:                   To All UB Staff and Students 
From:               Prof Benjamin Bolaane                       
Date:               6th March 2020 
Subject:           4th Industrial Revolution Questionnaire 


The University of  Botswana is carrying out a situational analysis of readiness towards leveraging its resources to effectively participate in the fourth industrial revolution. The response was low. We are therefore, appealing to all who have not yet filled in the questionnaire, to please do so. 
 We kindly requested you to take out a few minutes to complete it. The link is below:

 The deadline for the questionnaire is 20th March 2020.   
Yours Faithfully 
Benjamin Bolaane, PhD. Pr.Eng.
Chair – 4IR Task Team